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In this category you would know the below things-

  • What is blogging?
  • How to make blogs or websites ?
  • Earning ways with your blog.
  • The steps for getting success.

Let me begin with what is blog? Simply a blog is consist of some web pages and post on definite subject that you will choose. Suppose you buy a domain name and hosting or opening any sub domain from blogspot. So then a make a decision to make a blog. Now a your decision on which topic you want to make you blog. I will advise you to take the topic in which you have enough knowledge.

Now the 2nd step- How to make blogs ?

If you select buying option i.e. buy a domain name and hosting then you may use Wordpress, jomula for making your blog. And if you select the 2nd option that is make blog with subdomains from blogspot then its free and blogspot has its own settings for makings blogs. Are you worrying about how to work? Its very easy to work with blog there is no need of knowing coding for make a regular or simple blog and if you know how to write on Microsoft word then you are ready for making your blog.

Now the 3rd and the main step- The earning ways of your blogs.

So the earning part of your blog is mainly based on Advertisement. When you make and gets some traffic on it and visitors on your site. Then you may give Advertisement on your site. You may apply on any AD network that you want. Some of them are Google Adsense, AdBrite, Clicksor, chitka and many more.

Now the last Step- The step of getting success

To get success you must have to build patience on your mind. Regularly update your blog post and SEO.


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