Saturday, March 23, 2013

What is SEO? How to learn SEO?

The full meaning of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. We know Google as the king of search engine.
then the others are Bing, Yahoo, Delta Search etc. So what is the important of this search engine for your blog or websites. Visitors are one of the main factor of a site. Most of the visitors are come from Search engine like google, yahoo. Let me give you a example- go to and search any keyword I am searching the keyword- "health"

so when you are getting the result at the same time you are in first page of google there are many site on the topic health but a few site have been displayed in the first page. Obviously the visitor or you will not go to 2nd or 3rd page and select a site from the first page so that site gets more and more visitors for free and the site is optimized with search engine. That is the traffic on that site. So its a important part of a site.

Learn SEO
How to do SEO?
Learning SEO is not a difficult to learn SEO. Its just building links of your site. Suppose your site is and your site is with topic technology so made brief description post your site URL going different site make account and post your description with URL.You can also post site like social media i.e. Fcebook, twitter, myspace etc. So it will make your site to catch 1st rank on google. Then there will be plenty of visitor on your site.  Moreover there are many more tips regarding SEO so stay with me and get all the tips for SEO.
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