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Best way of building links

1) Write quality content which stands out of the crowd-

This is the most powerful way of building links. If you are generating some good quality content and you are doing it consistently other bloggers will give away links to you without you asking for it.

Here I would like to make it clear that not all types of content will give you links. There are some specific type of content which will give you more links than others. In general an updated unique content or a controversial post will bring you more links than other types of post. But while writing a controversial post you must have some solid facts to support your controversial points or it may bounce back on you and your reputation will go down.

2) Tag your internal links with rel=”tag” attribute-

This is very little known technique of building links. The beauty of this tip is that you get oneway link by just adding a code in your internal links.To link to some page you use the code which looks something like this-

To build links you need to use the code like this-

Note that ,I have just added a small piece of code “rel=tag” (in red) to the existing one.
You might be wondering how does it works. Well working of this method is simple. Some of the services like, Technorati ,icerocket etc. allow you to tag your posts.The spiders used by them recognizes rel=tag attribute and indexes them on their pages and this indexed page of yours act as a live link for your blog which is one way and does follow.

3) Make some videos and upload them on sites like youtube-

Youtube can be used to build links for your blog as well as drive some trffic if your video is liked by the users. But here I will talk about link building only. Well once you start uploading your videos on youtube , you have to fill up some form before uploading. In the description of the video you may give a live link back to your blog.
The disadvantage of this method is that you are not able use an anchor text for your link.

4) Guest posts on other blog-
You can write guest posts on other blogs.This is a win win situation as the other blog gets content and you get links for your blog. So, try to persuade other bloggers to write a guest post on their blog.Also, the links you get will be contextual which according to google are more valued than other links.

5) Press releases-
I have not seen many bloggers doing this but believe me this is one of the most advantageous way of building links. If you have anything worth mentioning or announcing to the world then you must consider a press release.It also brings some popularity and some traffic to your blog.

6) Submit your blog to web directories-

Submit your blog to as many directories as you can. This is proven way of building traffic to your blog. There are many softwares available on the net which can submit your blog to many directories at once. But make the process gradual.It is better to submit your blog to a dozen directories at a time than to submit to 1000 directories all at once.

7) Article marketing-
Article marketing is writing some content which others can use on their site or blog with a link back to your blog through the authors bio. This is done through the article directories. All you need to do is write some good articles and submit it to as many article directories as you can. There are several article submitter softwares available on the internet. Just download anyone of those and submit your articles to several article directories all at once.

8) Comment on other related blogs-

Commenting on other blogs is a very time consuming way of link building as to get really profitable number of links you need to comment on hundreds of blogs and thousands of pages. But if it is done regularly on day by day basis it can really build some links for your blog in some months. If you are commenting to get links then you must make sure that links in comments are followed.

9) Be active in forums-

Forum is a place where people share there problems and get answers from other forum user. In most of the forums you are allowed to leave your signature with your blog’s address. So, the more active in forums you are the more links you will get for your blog. But this requires constant motivation for part time bloggers like me.

10) Participate in Groups like google and yahoo groups-

Google groups or yahoo groups is a place where people share their stuff or ask questions to other group members. It is just like forums and thus works pretty much in similar way as forums.So, just participate actively in groups and leave your signature with your blog’s address at the bottom and build links for free.

These are all free way of building links for your blog. But each of these require some active and constant motivation and patience to build some appreciable amount of backlinks. Although these ideas work slowly but they work quite perfectly. If you are about to use these ideas then don’t just expect things to occur overnight but I can guarantee that these tips will work once you are following them constantly.
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